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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

LG UltraFine Ergo | Ultimate Monitor.

- Ladies and gentlemen, we're back with another James Monitor Unboxing. And this time, (laughs)Matthias gave me a knife. Look at this fancy thing. You can tell just from the box that this is a particular niche. Just look at this. Look at your minimalistic lamp and your cool designer tools, and your books that don't even have letters on the spines 'cause they're title-less, 'cause that's how minimalistic they are. Yes, my friends, this is a monitor for cool people who work in cool collaborative artistic environments. This is the LG Ergo, ergo, a monitor that has an ergonomic stand or articulating arm with two hinges. It's actually pretty sweet. I saw it at CES, and I'm excited to actually set it up now. Oh, le piece de resistance.

They always wrap these with so much stuff. This is the stand. You can see already that this is different. Why is there carbon on here too? Oh, it's 'cause that bends and they didn't want it to bend in shipping. I feel like this is a piece of one of those spot robots from Boston Dynamics. It's gonna like takeout my recycling for me. This is the stand, but it's not a stand. It has a C clamp on it. So, number one, if you don't have a table that could support this thing, you're screwed, 'cause there's no base. There's no flat freestanding base in this box. All trouble. This table will work. I think most tables will work. This is pretty wide. Okay, so factoring in the height of that little squeezy platform thing, this is like, can it work with a table that's less than three inches thick. I would say two and 3/4. Okay, now for the panel itself,this is a 32-inch panel.


Oh, whoa, look, bezels. I'm sure LG doesn't recommend this. I didn't get it completely on the table 'cause there's like this under-rack in the way, but it's on there. Okay, now normally, when it comes to putting LG panels onto their stands, it's really easy. (laughs) Okay. Let's get ergo. Oh, God, look at that, holy cow. Does it just go all the way? What the heck. Just about 270 degrees of swivel. You can even do more, though, because then you've got the second arm. Bye, (laughs), just kidding. I could be like, Jensen,have you seen this data? Take a look at this. Damn it, Davidson, I don't believe it. Get Jacobs on the phone. (laughs) Hyaah! Whoa, that's like way more tilt than you normally get, too. Normally, you get like a plus or minus, like you get minus five degrees and plus 25, but here you get it all the way down, too. 25 degrees of tilt in each direction.


This doesn't really go highenough for me to wanna have it aimed that low, but I could see a situation where, if I was like really slouching maybe. (breathes) Or what if you're workin'on something down here and you're trying to follow some instructions. It would be rare, but it could happen. That's sweet. And then you've got pivot90 degrees, both ways? One way. I mean, who cares? I'm sure that's efficient most of the time. And then it swivels. You don't even have to swivel on the arm. It swivels just on that last arm itself. Wow, really versatile. As for the height adjust, you've got 130 millimeters elevation. I kind of wish they made a taller version. Because if you wanted to have stacked monitors, kind of like Linus has in his office, that'd be sweet to go really up high and then tilt them. This would be just awesome if you had like six panels, like in 16K gaming. All right, let's check out the back of this thing, which is so easy to do. iOS, this is kind of interesting because this monitor is from LG's Ultrafine lineup, which started off with their Ultrafine 6K, which was a collaboration with Apple.


This is very much less Apple-y now. For starters, there's all sorts of different ports instead of just Thunderbolt three. And, in fact, there's no Thunderbolt three. You've got a USB type C port, which is able to carry all the pixels. It's 3840 by 2160 4K or UHD. Display port is supported over USB type C, as well as charging up to 60 watts. Now, that's not very Apple-y because a MacBook wouldbe 80 watts of charging. You could still charge your MacBook, but not if you're like doing a lot of stuff on it at the same time. But for other laptops that don't need 80, 60 could be just fine for you. Then you've got two USB type As that are USB 3, display port 1.2, two HDMI 1.4s with HDCP, a headphone jack and a DCin for the power cable, which I will show you now. That is a pretty big power brick. I mean, this is a really thin monitor, and you would like this monitor to be thin and lightweight if you're gonna be collaborating and moving around a lot. So I kinda get it, whatever.


What else did they give us? Somethin' heavy in here. This is gonna be a 100 by100 VESA mount adapter. So, if for some reason,you bought this monitor and didn't want this arm,which doesn't make any sense, you could wall-mount this or put it on a universal stand. Looks like they also gave you an extra twisty handle for the clamp, yeah. Now I'm interested to see what cables they give you. I think this is an extension for the power cable. Wow, that's so cool. This is already a pretty long power cable, but they give you this extension, I guess, because this is gonna be moving around. You never really know how much cable you're gonna need. And I guess if you need an extra three feet or so, they have this little adapter. It reminds me of the, remember the quick-release Xbox controllers in the original one?


That was such a huge selling point for me. And an HDMI cable. I was really hoping they were gonna provide a USBC cable. 'Cause this is kind oflike positioned to be a one-cable solution kind of monitor where you have this thing sitting on your computer desk, maybe with a nice sleek wireless keyboard mouse combo. And then you just plop your machine down, your laptop, one-cable it in with the USBC, and then voila, you've got this big desktop. And since with USBC, you never really know what your cable is gonna do, it would really be nice if they included one that you could depend on as being like this is the one that's gonna give me all the full 60 watts I need to charge and the display port over it. And it's gonna be black and match, and I can rely on that. But, unfortunately, no. Oh, my God, I'm so stupid,they did, they did! (laughs) Yes, I just didn't see it.


Nice, here it is. Well, great. (laughs) Oh, hold on. In case you have an optical disk drive in your life, there's also the owner's manual. All right, well, now that we've got cables, I guess it's a good time to plug it in and see how it does as a monitor, right after this message from our sponsor, Displate. There are over 800,000 unique designs of Displate metal prints, and they each have an amagnetic mounting system that decreases the risk of damaging your walls. And it's easy to switch 'em out in between, if you've got lots of different designs. We even have some designs of our own on the platform right now. You can get an Anthony one or a James one, or I guess a Linus one if you want. So use offer codeCIRCUIT at the link below and save 15% today. Hello? - Oh, does that monitor come with like a desk mount like that out of the box? - That's the whole thing. - [Man] Oh. - All right, let's actually look at this. I said it was 4K.


It's an IPS panel. We know that 'cause it's LG and they kind of own IPS. HDR, it supports the HDR10, but the peak brightness is only 350 net. So, it's kind of HD-aren't. (air blows) I mean, you can interpret an HDR signal. It's just not gonna be that sick. But, hey, it's a $700 monitor. So, most HDR consumption is happening on TVs, and most HDR creation is happening on monitors that are a lot more expensive than this. So, whatever. And it's not specifically a gaming monitor, so, I can see why HDR10 and a lower brightness like that could just be okay. And then there's FreeSync. So the FreeSynk range is like 48 to 75 hertz, so it's not a high refresh rate monitor. But 75 hertz is better than 60. So, three sides of verythin bezels, that's nice.


One thing I was wondering about is, is it gonna have an onscreen display that I can access with hardware buttons? Because the other Ultrafine products, because they're kind of focused on Apple, they only had software-based ones, which is fine when you're using an Apple machine, but when you're on Windows,they're pretty crappy. And so, but this one actually does have the LG nipple at the bottom here. And yeah, it looks like it's the same OSD as their othernon-Ultrafine type monitors. RTS, FPS, game modes, cinema, reader, HDR effect, vivid, custom. SRGB, they got 100% coverage per ported and over 90% coverage of the DCIP three. So, that's cool. One thing I'm noticing, which is pretty weak actually, is the amount of wobble.


That is kind of brutal, guys. Look at that. Aw, especially the sideways, it's like jank. That's a lot of play,especially for a premium product that is like centered around having a sweet stand. That's bad. You can even do it right from here. It's on that sideways access, not front and back. Front and back's fine. It's good at staying where you put it. There is just a bit of play. The best part about this monitor is that you can do stuff like that. What? (laughs) Can you make it bigger? Just pull it, pull it out. I guess I should show a game. Hmm, well, even this loading screen looks a little HDR. It's pretty bright in therein that hot broken yolk of the South American skies. If I bought this monitor,not looking specifically for an HDR monitor, and then I fired up a game 'cause I happen to game sometimes and it looked this good, I'd be pretty satisfied.


I should mention there actually another cheaper variant of this monitor, which is $450,27 inches, and only 1440P. So, a lot easier to run. And it's got the same ergonomic stand. That one comes out sooner,it comes out July 2nd, whereas this one comes out August 6th for $700. Both of those you can preorder from B&H. So, overall then, ahh, I really liked it until I hooked it up andsaw how wobbly it is, but still, that's probably not that big of an issue. And I really think this could be a solution in a lot of people's setups. If you've got maybe a common work area, maybe you have a floatingdesk in the middle of a room that lots people work at,and you wanna just plop down and have like a two-person meeting, like a collaborative quality assurance kind of meeting, this would be great, especially if you have, if you wanna stand up when you're working as well. You can just walk by this deskand work out a little bit, show your friend. I think this is gonna be really popular in certain categories, certain niches.


So, thanks for watching short Circuit today, guys. If you like this video,then you should subscribe because we've got lots ofother monitors coming in from 2020 from LG. We've got a super-curved one and a really high refresh rate one, too, that I wanna check out. See ya.