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Monday, July 6, 2020

LAPTOP That Runs Two Games At One Time! New Release From Asus! A Double Screen Laptop

- When we reviewed the ASUS ZenBook Duo last year, Taran said that having that extra screen absolutely increased his productivity while video editing. But when Asus sent us the new Zephyrus Duo with an Intel Core i9-10980HK and an RTX 2080 Super, we realized, we completely neglected to test out another kind of productivity: gaming. "That's not really productivity- - (stammers) Look.

There's two screens on this thing, all right? So you could play a game on your main screen, and you could have, you know, Steam friends or a browser open on the lower one, or you could live on the wild side and play two games at once, competitively. - Wow. You know what? You convinced me. That sounds very productive. - Thank you. So we asked Asus to send us another Zephyrus Duo, and now, sponsored by Asus, we are going to be challenging each other to play two games on two laptops, head to head, against each other, at the same time. (upbeat electronic music) What are we playing, Riley? "We want games that are competitive, but not ones in which you can get one-shotted or fall off a cliff or something, because that would obviously make for kind of a lame competition.


So we're playing "Dragon Ball FighterZ", your favorite game Linus, and "Rocket League", my favorite game so it's even. - Right, well one good thing about that is that they're both designed for gamepad, so we can just use a single input for both of them. By the way, yes, sorry guys, we would've loved to be all keyboard-mouse or die, but it was easier to use a controller for this because Windows really doesn't like sending keyboard and mouse commands to multiple games at the same time. So, but wait a second, are some buttons mapped to one game and some buttons mapped to the other game? Like, is this my analog-- No. No, man, this is it.


I haven't changed the key mapping at all, you have to literally control both games at the same time. Apparently Steam will let you do that, although both games have to be in windowed mode. So we'll be playing "Rocket League" on the main 4K display in4K, and playing "FighterZ" on the secondary 3840 by 1100 display, it's a touchscreen display, in 1080p. - And they both run. - Yep.- At the same time. - Yep, run fine. - I mean, they're not demanding games, but still, that's two games. Okay, also, "Dragon Ball FighterZ", I have never heard of this game, what is this game? (Riley laughs) Right button, go on a quest.- [Riley] But to be fair, what kind of game could I pick where it would give you a fighting chance? And that's not meant as a burn, I'm just like, what do you play, Civ? - I have actually not been hands-on with this laptop yet. This is really smart, they've got the fan intakes under the thing and the screen flips up now? - [Riley] Yeah, man.- That's awesome. - [Riley] Lots of air flow. - I spent a bunch of time with the ZenBook version of it, but I haven't seen the gaming ROG version of it, and this is, so what, is it... Oh, that is a slick hinge.


Did we talk about that elsewhere in the video? - [Riley] Well, we can. (chuckles) So, pick up your controller- [Linus] Okay. - And you should see a little- - Wait what? The controller controls both games! - [Riley] Yes. - What? (Riley laughs) - [Riley] That's the whole thing! Kay hasn't hit me yet! I don't think you can pause in this game. Wait! Linus! No!- [Linus] Okay. Okay. Okay. - Not yet. Oh no but you- ah what?! - Okay I didn't mean to do that! - [Riley] This is not! - I didn't mean to do that all I did was- - [Riley] I can't think on my feet. Okay private match. - [Linus] Is the idea that I'm supposed to control both games at the same time, or am I allowed to alt-tab?


- You cannot alt-tab. - [Linus] I cannot alt-tab,I must control both games? - It's the same game, so right trigger is accelerate, B is boost, A is jump, and kick - [Linus] Okay well we're gonna see who wins this puppy. - X is power slide. - [Linus] Are you in? Oh crap! Kay how do I go fast inRocket League? Oh there it is. - [Riley] B- Kay Which color am I- Oh that was so close! - [Riley] (laughs) What, the goal? - Yeah! Kay I don't know how to jump (controller buttons being pressed) - I don't even- - [Linus] Kay I'm justbutton mashin' now boys! (Riley laughs) Come on!- [Riley] Oh man! (controller button mashing) - Kay.- [Riley] You're not even looking at "Rocket League"! - I'm looking at "Rocket League"- Nooo! I just lost the other game too! - I really should've got somebody on here who, maybe we'll get somebody else on who's like more. - (laughs) More what, Riley? - Nothing! - [Linus] Oh.- Oh! You can still save that! (dramatic orchestral music) - [Linus] Wow, way to T-bone me.


- [Riley] Okay. Do you want a little training session? - No, I can do this. Wait which one am I? (Riley laughs) Kay, all right, I got this, I got this now. - [Riley] All right-- Wait oh shoot I'm down in "Dragon Ball" though. Dang it! "Honestly, I have no idea howI'm winning in "Dragon Ball" cause I haven't been playing attention, playing attention, that's a new one. I haven't been paying attention to "Dragon Ball" at all. - [Linus] I just don't even know what character I am, the colors change every time. - Dude you're Trunks!- [Linus] Confusing! - You're Trunks Linus!- It's confusing okay?! What's Trunks? - Oh you scored again?


- [Linus] Yeah I did! (cheering, air horn and laughter) I'm the comeback king baby! - [Riley] I honestly stopped paying attention. (Linus laughing) Wait did you just win? - Okay. Okay.- Okay still I still got a chance. - This ain't over yet baby! - I honestly stopped paying attention. - [Linus] Shoot, oh you missed,he missed, he missed, kay. (Linus laughing) Okay, Think I'm gonna, oh I think I just need to get you down one more time in "Dragon Ball". (countdown sounding off) K.O.!- No! - [Linus] Three! Two! One! Yeah! Woo! (crowd cheering) (Riley laughs) - [Riley] Okay.- I wouldn't even be that excited but I was so far behind.


- [Riley] Okay that was horrible because, I was like, I felt bad about how bad I was winning, so I like took it easy and then I'm like "all right I'm gonna pick it up now," and I couldn't. - I am impressed with the machine too though. - [Riley] Yeah!- We were playing two games, while recording two games.- [Riley] Yeah. Yep. - They both ran great. - We're like getting basically 60 FPS at 4K on "RocketLeague" the whole time. - [Linus] This is not what we would recommend using this computer for at all, incredibly stupid, not a very good experience.


But, if you're streamer,you want your OBS, and your chat up here, youwant your game up there, there is no other laptop quite like this on the market. Super cool experience, massive thank you to Riley for putting together this competition and being such a gracious loser. - [Riley] Ugh. - And of course, thank you to Asus for sponsoring this video. It was a ton of fun, and this ROG Zephyrus Duo 15 is an incredible machine. It's a little toasty-- [Riley] It's a little toasty It's workin' hard, it's workin' hard. - [Riley] Yeah, yeah,two games at once though, and recording so.- Yeah. - What are you gonna do. - If you guys enjoyed thisvideo and you like crazy gaming challenges, maybe check out the last "Scrapyard Wars", whereinstead of just being about building a budget computer, it's about building the best budget computer, then winning games. Or losing them as it were.