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Sunday, July 5, 2020

Is this weird thing a PHONE or a CAMERA In 2020?

what he said. The Yongnuo YN450 first got my attention through a random social media post, where I went, wow, what a brilliant idea. Instead of making our phones more camera-like, why don't we just make our cameras more phone-like? Because that is exactly what's going on here. By day, it's an Android device with a full touchscreen back and by night, it's got a 16 megapixel micro Four Third sensor, Andy, I need your help with this. Yongnuo?- No. - No. Obviously, because this product is not formally available outside of China, there's no need to have an English product page, so I actually can't read almost anything about the specs on the website here, so Andy, what can you tell us about this thing? I figured this out, 4k30fps, 32 gig storage. -

Yep.- Three gigs of RAM, 4000 mAh power battery, and conveniently, it's actually a removable one, that is a mess ton of internal space taken up by the battery, which is a little confusing given that the product is only, I think rated for four hours of continuous use. Got a quarter-20 threaded mount on the bottom, one of those handy dandies, little, I mean, you could put a wrist strap on it, but let's be realistic, you're more likely to hang like a little crystal or stuffy off of it these days. MicroSD and SIM card slots, oh, I can't wait to put my SIM in this and see if it actually works.

Micro USB charging, headphone jack, can't take that for granted these days. (light melodic music) (muffled thudding) Do you know what else is madness? My segues to our sponsors like Honey, Honey is the free web browser extension, that will find you the best promo codes on shopping websites like Amazon, eBay, and more. Get it today at (melodic upbeat music) Why buy a camera phone when you can buy a phone camera, you know, right? I'm not even gonna be able to like operate this device, 'cause it's probably only gonna be in Chinese. Does this say eight-core? - [Andy] Eight-core, yeah.

Okay.- And 2.0 gigahertz. - Yeah, yeah, I can read that bit, that's in English. (laughing) Curiously, even though the only pricing we can find for the camera itself from news articles and pegs it at around $300 US, it seems like Yongnuo. - Yongnuo.- Okay, yeah, sure. It seems like they only sell it as part of a bundle, that seems targeted squarely at influencers. So it's a lighting and camera, microphone, lighting, camera and microphone bundle, and a lens. So what makes you think they're targeting Tik Tokers with this thing?- It's on their product page, it says this is the best thing for the vlog. - What are the odds we can select English on the menu here? - [Andy] Let's see, let's see and only Chinese. (laughing) Why do they give the option? -

The home screen is clearly designed to be more like a camera, so your media is front and center. We've got our camera app, Rip Off, Safari icon, that is presumably a browser of some sort. Video app, mail and then some other sort of random tools, you've got your calculator, that looks like a gallery application, contacts, voice recording and then over here, right there on your home screen, you've got a little widget that tells you how many pictures and videos you've recorded and how much of your storage is still free. So let's put the lens on. One of the major criticisms of the first revision of this product, the YN450 was that it used a Canon EF Mount on a Micro Four Thirds lens, which led to some compatibility problems.

So this is the YN450M, which has a Micro Four Thirds mount and then Yongnuo. - Yongnuo. - Yongnuo includes their own lens, this is a 42 and a half millimeter F1.7 lens and presumably, it'll just kind pop right on there. Hey, hey, hey, look at that. Hey, look at this guy, first picture. - Wait, is that a camera? - A couple of things I'm noticing immediately, one is the software, not great, I'm here in the camera app and the home button, it just doesn't work, maybe if I, oh yeah, so you actually press the back button specifically in the camera app. Also in terms of ergonomics, it felt alright holding it as a phone before, with the lens on it, the story changes a little bit. Now I realize there'sno real way around that. there's a lot of glass in a lens, it's fine, I get it, but it is definitely something to consider. So it wants a SIM card, so I guess this is where I put my SIM in the phone, camera, whatever it is. Can I place a call with it? Does it even have like a microphone and speaker?

Trying to call Andy, hello. (tapping) That's not doing it, but I can text, okay, I text you. Yeah, my data works and my SMS is working, but calls are not coming through for whatever reason. You know what, that's fine, this is more about the camera anyway. So what I'm gonna be doing isI'm gonna be sending Brandon off to the races to take some pictures with this puppy, the iPhone 11 Pro Max and what did we decide on for our last one, Brandon? - X-T2.- A Fuji X-T2. - X-T4.- X-T4.

That's really weird, the Android buttons are very unresponsive when you're in the camera app. Here, we can manually change settings like the ISO, shutter speed, depending on which mode you're in, so here, we'll switch to full manual, you can change the aperture, very, very nice. I am really excited. - So am I.- How was it? - So I've used this thing for a total of about five hours now. - That's what happens when I ask him to do something for two hours and it involves a camera. - Hey, you asked me to cover photos and video, with three devices, that's not a small task. - Alright, and how was it? - It was a very interesting experience. So right off the bat, the touchscreen is awful. - It's not very good. - Like I could not change the setting, that I was in half the time if I wanted to use aperture priority or manual and then the biggest thing with video specifically is right off the bat, you can't, I could not figure out for the life of me how to change the mode, so you're stuck with aperture priority and you can't change any other settings, you can change your aperture, that's it. Luckily I combated being able to use the lens in a way that is useful outside by using an ND filter. Then the photos themselves,

I couldn't tell sometimes if something was gonna is exposed properly, because it would show exposed properly on the display, - Yeah. - but then when it would take the photo, I'd get a photo, that was like three stops under or something, just like so dark, like ridiculously dark. So whatever it's doing, it's previewing, allowing you to see it as if to tell you that your image is fine, but then it's not. - But because you're capturing RAW, maybe that's something they're doing on purpose, - Maybe, yeah.- knowing that it does a better job of capturing details in darker parts of the scene. - Even switching to the RAW DNG setting, when you don't speak, when you can't read Chinese, 'cause I can't read Chinese unfortunately, I couldn't do it, I had to have Andy do it and that part was just rough. - But you can record something with a much better lens than what you would find on a normal phone, - True.- and upload it straight to Instagram.- True. - Straight to Tik Tok, cellular data. - Yes.- And some of your criticisms were of the lens specifically as well. - Yes, the lens is also very mediocre. 

Right.- But again, you could make that better,- Put anything on it. - and then have a better time and if you're very careful if you wanna use it for normal use, if you're very careful with the way that you're looking at the image, exposing the image, you will actually, you could get good results, it is possible.- Well, let's have a look. - Now to be clear,- Yes. - I pushed this photo a stop, just with all the Yongnuos, because they're shooting in DNG, I just needed to push them to be exposed to how you would normally expose them. - Sure, but as long as the information's there, then there's nothing wrong with it. - No, absolutely, yeah.- It just means that extra work is involved, before you could actually upload it. - So just without even looking at anything else as a reference, you can tell that the highlight roll-off is not amazing.

Yeah.- Colors- - [Linus] They manage to keep it not pink. - Yeah.- That's tough. That's hard to do.- Yeah, this is a back-lit situation, so like the sun is like right over here. - [Linus] Wait, I see what you mean, This doesn't even look like it's taken in the same place. - Yeah, I mean, there was wind and they weren't taken at the exact same time, but this is the exact same spot, the tripod was in the same place and you can see, the iPhone is doing a way better job of the sky like you almost don't even feel like this is a back-lit situation. 

[Linus] Yeah. - So like this is a 26-megapixel camera, it's also a fairly decent camera, so detail's great, bokeh is great, it's a 56mil F2 or F1.2 lens, so like- - So really the only justification for the YN450 is if it was more user friendly to be able to use a manual lens, maybe not this lens, but if you had a different lens, how do you feel about the experience versus the iPhone? - It's still a much worse experience like it's slower to take the photo. - Sure. -

I also found myself taking more photos with it, because I was not confident, that I got it on the first try. So this was another challenging situation, where it was like back-lit and the sun is above this building, but you can just see the sky's really bright and I also exposed for the sky in this. - [Linus] Yeah, we clearly completely lost the detail on the building here, there's a little bit left, not much. - [Brandon] It looks really crushed as well. - [Linus] Yeah, like it's almost like it can't tell if it's red or black,- Yeah. - like it's not possible.- There are artifacts and like noise, that is not pleasing. The sharpness though is not bad. - Yeah.- Like overall it's again, 16-megapixel sensor, this lens, I think this was an F4, it's serviceable.- Yeah. - Again though, you really feel the lack of dynamic range. This is not a portrait mode photo, this is just like a standard photo with the telephoto lens. - This also looks like a cartoon almost. - Yeah, well it's the Smart HDR, right? - Was the sky really that blue? - No.- Okay. - Yeah, yeah. - Apple.- It's something, that's the thing, so this is the X-T4, this is the Yongnuo. - [Linus] Yeah, so how much does that camera cost though, in fairness? - [Brandon] It is about, oh, I don't know the US, I think 1699 US. - Okay.- Yeah. So it's six times the price.- Yes, it is. - Almost.- Yes, it is. - Five times the price.- Yes, it is. - [Linus] And you can upload straight to Instagram. -

[Brandon] Well, no, you, can't, not directly from the camera. It is a pretty easy upload, but- - But now let's see the iPhone because one of the justifications I could see for this device would be, okay, you know, maybe I'm spending a bunch of money on this thing, that's really more focused on being a camera than it is on being a phone, but this way I can only own one device like I could see it as like a cost savings thing unless the phone experience was so bad, that I was gonna have to own this in addition to my regular phone anyway, - [Brandon] Which I think you do. - [Linus] in which case the argument becomes, well, why not just get a better phone with a better camera on it in the first place, that's where I think we'rerunning into trouble. - [Brandon] So I exposed that no exposure compensation and this is what the Yongnuo thought was an adequate exposure. - [Linus] Is there enough detail left in here? Can you bring it up and lighten it? - It gets really rough.- Let me see. - [Brandon] Like there this purple fringing, but again, I can show you some other ones. - [Linus] You can really see it right along here in Dennis' shirt.- Yeah, and this was consistent with underexposed images like this is what seems to happen with it. - [Linus] And I've seen that shirt, it's not purple. - No, definitely not.(Linus laughing) Well, and again, the iPhone did a good job, the cutout's pretty good.- Yeah. - [Brandon] This would be.

His shoulder.- Yeah, and a little bit here,- Yeah. - [Brandon] but like most people would be pretty happy with this honestly. - [Linus] I hate what Apple does with the sky. The iPhone did a great job of this one. - [Brandon] Yeah, this one's really good. It's a pretty subtle cutout, a little mess up here, but otherwise.- At four by six or five by seven, I would never notice it. - [Brandon] Even with the HDR, they didn't fully retain this part of his arm and it's just gone, the arm.- Yeah. - [Brandon] There's nothing there, it's clipped completely, they're both clipped, but this is a little bit nicer overall clips. - [Linus] Yeah, I definitely think that Taran's face looks more like the lighting looks more natural on Taran's face. You can actually almost see some of the corrections, that Apple's done to flatten out the lighting on his face. - [Brandon] Yeah, which I always hate about their processing. - [Linus] He looks like he's wearing face makeup. - [Brandon] And his skin isn't like that. - [Linus] Yeah,

his skin's not that- - Matt looking, yeah.- Uniform, yeah, whereas here it has more texture to it. This is kind of fun, it's not very often we get to look at such an unusual- - Piece of tech.- device, that neither of us has any idea what to expect from it. - Yeah, it's such a weird thing to think about. So the other thing I noticed is that there's significant vignetting, like on a lot of these shots of the Yongnuo, you don't notice that-- Yeah, that's almost like a mismatch between sensor size and lens, but it's not, this is Micro Four Thirds. - I also wonder if it's the type of thing, that they could have correct, if there is, because the benefits of Android, they could have put that in the software. This one baffled me a little bit because I was unsure of what was going on.

Again, I exposed this at zero exposure compensation, but it just looks so much darker, I don't know if it was a processing thing and I even tried to take the photo at a half stop exposure compensation, but then I just lost the sky. - It's really dark.- It was gone, and look, you can see in this photo, the vignetting is intense.- Yeah. - [Brandon] Like it is so noticeable. - It looks like a filter.- Yeah. I don't know why, I couldn't explain why, 'cause this was not the case on every photo I took with this thing and I used the same lens the whole time and there are other shots that were this wide, but it just didn't do it and this is the iPhone. - [Linus] You can really tell apples pumping the saturation on things like the orange around that store. - The red sign.- Yeah, the red sign. -

[Brandon] And the sky that blue again. (laughing) - [Linus] The sky that bloody blue again. It's so much sharper than the Yongnuo though, even though we'relooking at it wider here, I can already tell. - [Brandon] And you know what too, the other issue I was having, this is the best I got out of the focus when I tried to take this photo, I didn't notice it, because I couldn't, also reviewing the photos, it's not like a really seamless thing, so it's not perfect here and the shutter speed was high, so it's not a matter of the camera wasn't stable enough, it just misses really easily. - [Linus] Well, that end, it's really hard to hold it stable, I noticed this when I was just taking shots. - [Brandon] Yeah, it's not, ergonomically it's not the best shape. - [Linus] And there's no stabilization whatsoever, either in the camera or in the lens. - So this is the X-T4.- Yeah. - The other thing I did with the X-T4 is I put it on a profile that is closest to the iPhone, so this is actually more saturated and it contrasted-- I was gonna say, it looks-- And contrasty, then you would typically have for my camera, I would typically not shoot it in this profile, but I wanted them to be closer and again though, you still see it, like, ah, this looks so much better. - [Linus]

Yeah. - [Brandon] Like the orange actually looks like what I could see. - At five times the price.- Yes, fair enough. - In fairness.- At five times the price. - [Linus] Let's look at some videos. - [Brandon] Oh, okay, yeah. If anyone's watched "Space Force," they used the "Kokomo" song in that first episode and so Riley did a Tik Tok to that. I did it as a vertical video, like a Tik Tok.- Yeah, yeah, that's fine, there's nothing left in his pants. - [Brandon] This is within ND filter as well, so this is giving the lens the best shot to like get a nice bokeh, depth of field look. To be fair though, the bokeh does look relatively nice. - It does.- Like this is not something that you could get from a phone. - [Linus] And the sky looks way more natural, than what I'm gonna see from the iPhone. (laughing) - Okay, so speaking of the iPhone, let's take a look at that real quick.

My expectations are that the video will look very fluid, but wow, that pops, doesn't it? - [Brandon] Okay, so that's the iPhone and then just for reference.- I didn't even know the X-T4 is really like a video. - [Brandon] It's not really a video camera, though the video on the-T4 has improved a lot, since my X-T2, so it actually is a reasonably good camera, especially for a mirrorless. Having the ability to choose your exposure makes a huge difference and I could color this to look that much better too. - [Linus] Wow, you can really see that purple. - [Brandon] Yeah, the ringing is pretty bad. - That's the lens.- The depth is there like you can't do this with a phone. Honestly, this would be very useful. - Alright, iPhone.- 100% is a phone. - [Linus] Yeah, there'sno depth to the shot. - [Brandon] There's no depth here. - [Linus] You can see the jelly, little rolling shutter issues. - [Brandon] Yeah, rolling shutter is ugly. This is what a camera looks like. - [Linus] For the cost of the other two. - [Brandon] For the cost of the other two solutions combined. (laughing)- It's purple. - [Brandon] So this is what happens when you don't have an ND filter. - [Linus] So as it tries to compensate for having too much light.- Look at this. -

It turns purple, this looks like twilight. - Yeah.- Not the movie, but it's still better than "Twilight." - It just looks bad. So then when I forgot to put the ND filter and then here's me putting it back on, - Right.- and you can see how much it's helping the image. - Yeah.- This is usable. - [Linus] That's very usable. - [Brandon] 'Cause this looks pretty good overall. - [Linus] Yeah, I'd be okay with that. No one would notice if we put that in our video. - [Brandon] No, absolutely not. - [Linus] That actually looks so much sharper, not necessarily because the lens is sharper, but because you're getting so much more detail in those sharp contrasts between the light reflecting off the top of the leaves and the shadows underneath them. - [Brandon] And by default, there's so much more shadow detail here, because it's corrected already.

This actually is a really great showing, - Yeah, the iPhone-- for the video camera on the iPhone.- The iPhone did a great job. - [Linus] It looks outstanding and you're on a tripod, so you don't get as much of that jello effect. What can I say, wow, this is the X-T4 getting blown out of the water by the iPhone. - [Brandon] I was also using the Rec. 709 profile, so it is not retaining as much dynamic range as it could. - So this is a case where the iPhone's inability to have, you know, foregrounding out of focus and background things out of focus like you would on a real camera can actually be a strength for it because everything that we're looking at is within one plane in the image so having this deep depth of field gives us all of this detail in this branch and our eye is not drawn to the fact,

that if there was something in the foreground, that would also be in perfect focus and so would a cloud in the sky, 'cause we can't really tell. - I prefer the iPhone shot in this case. - I prefer the iPhone shot, I think- Yeah, so this was the best-case scenario for the iPhone, I think it shows that again when you're using a phone and you want that wider, like wide shots on a phone, especially these days, they really do sell well. - Just like our sponsor,(Brandon laughing) Squarespace, do you think you don't need a website? Well, maybe you do. You can make anything you want with Squarespace, they have award-winning templates, that'll help you make your website stand out, instead of looking like it's from the nineties and they've got tons of great features.

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Yes, ever.- and compare the cameras across them, that's gonna be a lot of fun and if you're looking for something to watch right now, what's another, actually, yeah, we did a recurrent gen camera shootout. - Yeah.- No, let's push people to the ProVersus Amateur Challenge. - Oh.- Go watch it, it's great, it's so entertaining.- It's okay. - It's so entertaining, it's entertaining. - It is entertaining.- It's very entertaining. - [Brandon] It is entertaining, cool. - He's still salty. - [Brandon] Yeah.